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Flat Screens

If you are planning an all or mostly dancing event, we have highly experienced DJs with an amazing music selection available. Pop, rock, country, latin, blues, reggae, R&B, rap and more. Choose what you enjoy.

If you are planning a mostly karaoke event, our KJs will bring a smaller but carefully selected collection of DJ music to play in case your crowd wants to do a little dancing between singing. There is no extra charge for this.

We have many types of lighting in our arsenal. Lasers, spots, strobes, rain lights and more. If you are planning an older themed party, one of our jumbo mirror balls is a must! Our most popular type of entertainment lighting is called a "moonflower". It is pictured in the manufacturers photo above. Most of our DJs and KJs will add a couple of these free for the asking, when customers request lights.

The in demand effect for more elegent affairs (weddings, corporate events etc.) is called "uplighting". We have enough units to do a small room for no extra charge. We also have a discount arrangement with a supplier. We can do big venues for less. 

We don't have enough sound equipment to do the L.A. coliseum, but we are able to do some very large halls and venues. Among others we have done the municipal auditorium, the convention center, Fairmont park and a large area at Disneyland with sound to spare. If you are having a bigger event we can study your needs and give you a quote.

We use only JBL and EV (Electro-Voice) Speakers. We use Crown amplifiers to power them. These are the best known brands for extreme reliability and high quality sound. Because we only buy the best, we don't have to worry about blown speakers or amps during a large show.

Most requests we get for fog involve Halloween parties or weddings. It will also enhance the appearance of the light show at dance parties. They are a great effect at indoor events, but don't work well outside if there is a breeze. Please get permission from the venue manager before ordering fog. It is not allowed at all places. 

These are mostly requested for presentations at corporate events and showing video at weddings, retirement and birthday parties. They can also be added to larger karaoke events so the crowd can see the same lyrics as the singers.

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