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DREAM KARAOKE: DJs, MCs, Sound, Lights

Serving Orange County and Inland Empire California

More ways to have fun!



We have both highly experienced wedding and party DJs and a couple of veteran dance club disc-jockeys too. Their amazing selections are available for private events through Dream Karaoke. Choose pop, rock, country, Spanish, blues, reggae, rap and more. We have you covered.


   If you are planning a mostly dancing event, but you want to reserve some time for karaoke, most of the DJs are willing to bring karaoke equipment and songs for little or no extra charge, when requested.


   If you are planning a mostly karaoke show, your KJ will automatically bring a small, carefully selected collection of DJ music to play in case your crowd wants to do a little dancing in between singing.







 XL Sound



   We don't have enough sound equipment to do The LA Coliseum, but we do have enough to do some very large halls and venues. Among others, we've done the municipal auditorium, convention center, gymnasiums, Fairmont Park, and a large area at Disneyland, with sound to spare. If you are having a bigger event, we can study your needs and give you a special quote


   We use only JBL and EV (Electro-Voice) speakers. These are the two known for the highest quality professional sound. We use Crown amplifiers to power them. They are known for both sound quality and extreme reliability. Because we only buy the best, we don’t have to worry about blown amps or speakers during a large show.




   Our most popular piece of dance floor lighting equipment is called a "moon flower" (shown in the manufacturers photo above). We include a couple of these for no extra charge when customers ask.


   We have many more types of lighting equipment in our arsenal. Lasers, colored spots, strobes, rain lights and more. If you are having a large event, we can put together an appropriate package for you.  Having a disco or 30s - 80s themed party? One of our large mirror balls is a must.


    The in demand effect for wedding receptions and other elegant affairs is called “uplighting”. We have enough units to cover the wall behind the head table at weddings (no extra charge) and a discount arrangement with a supplier if you want to do the whole room. Usually we can meet your needs for less than half what it would cost elsewhere.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------






 Halloween parties account for about 85% of the requests we get for fog machines. They are also useful for dance hall parties with lots of lights. We've even had a bride and groom ask us to use fog during their first dance.


   Foggers and hazers are not allowed at some venues, because they could possibly set off the fire alarm system. We would recommend that you check with the hall before you order them.


  Although they are a great effect indoors, they don't work well outside when there's a wind or breeze.



 Flat Screens



     These are mostly requested for presentations during corporate events. They can also be used as additional TVs for the crowd to watch at karaoke shows, or for showing photos and video at most any gathering, including weddings. The additional cost is usually pretty modest.