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DREAM KARAOKE: DJs, MCs, Sound, Lights

Serving Orange County and Inland Empire California

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What we do

   I partner with top notch entertainers. They supply the talent and I supply the audio/visual equipment. Together we provide fun karaoke shows. We think of our customers as the boss. We do our best to please them by putting on an excellent show. The idea works great!. People call us again and again.


Very up-to date!

   Karaoke shows are not the same. You will only be disappointed if you hire someone who doesn’t have what everyone wants to sing. Thanks to our karaoke bar shows, we are uniquely aware of what songs people are currently interested in singing. Our KJs selections are constantly updated to satisfy the needs of their customer’s singers. We even have latest songs on the radio. That's very rare in this business. You won’t find a better selection anywhere.


"I've heard that before"

   Most every karaoke company the world will tell you they have the best selection. One local company says they have 60,000 songs. I was at one of their shows with a friend. Sometimes singers get pretty bored while they are waiting for their turn to sing. We didn't have to count the pages in the book. They were numbered. Multiplying the number of songs on a page by the number of pages, we could see the total wasn't even 15,000. A very high percentage were duplicates so I'm wondering if they even had 10,000. The total doesn't matter anyway. We discontinue totally obscure songs people never sing.



Experience & history

   The story starts in 1989. I was already a full time, seven night a week dance club DJ working at various nightclubs and discos. One of the clubs I worked at was owned by a major hotel chain (Holiday Inn). I came to work one night and a Japanese company was just finishing the installation of a big bulky karaoke machine they had leased to the hotel. I was told we were the first club west of Los Angeles to try karaoke in English. I soon saw why. There weren't very many songs in English yet. At first it wasn't a big hit for that reason. They kept making more songs though and it wasn't long before it was very successful. I had a lot of fun with it.


   In 1992 I bought a mobile singing system to add to my DJ business. Demand soon skyrocketed. Eventually I was doing karaoke in bars seven nights a week. Now it has become very popular for parties, colleges and even weddings. I don't work in bars any more personally, just private events. Some of my affiliated entertainers still do. It benefits us all because it keeps us in touch with the karaoke community.






P.S. If you don't sing karaoke, please try it. You don't have to be an expert singer to have lots of fun.