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DREAM KARAOKE: DJs, MCs, Sound, Lights

Serving Orange County and Inland Empire California



Please Note: Due to private party demand and music licensing restrictions, we are only able to accept a limited

number of bar/restaurant shows. If we're not available when you want us, we will help you find someone who is.






 Ladies night out at Lake Alice Trading Company







Q: I'm interested in karaoke, how should I choose?

A: Believe it or not, we get phone calls that go like this: "Hi, I want karaoke. I'm going to pick the cheapest one I can find."  Wow...I'd want to know more. It will be much more successful if you find a good entertainer who has the most appropriate song selection for the customers at your particular establishment.


Q: How do I find one?

A: By comparing. If you’re not familiar with the popular songs these days, or don’t have time to look at song books, ask your servers or regular customers to help you compare. I'd be happy to come by and show you our books and discuss entertainers. When I don't have an available KJ, or one that I think would be the right fit for your bar, I will help you find one with a different company. Why would I do that? I am a former bar owner and I enjoy meeting people in the business. You will be more inclined to call me again someday and I might have someone available then.


Q: I need a good fit for my bar.

A: Have a younger clientele?  I can send you a KJ with all the newest hits that have been karaoke licensed. The most up-to-date selection available anywhere.  Do you have an older clientele?  I'd send you a KJ with a super all hit oldies collection. Have a Country crowd? Your show would have thousands of country tunes. Even newer radio hits.


Q: How much does it cost?

A: Although most entertainers affiliated with Dream Karaoke charge about what is average in the Inland Empire area, their talent, song selection and equipment is second to none. Whether I send you a KJ that is equipped by me or one from another company, it will be within your budget.


Q: We tried karaoke a couple times. It didn’t work.

A: If you hire a band your customers don't like, it probably won't work either. You have to find one they enjoy. This also goes for karaoke. I’ll find the right fit for you and your clientele. If your team is willing to help, the show will be even more successful.


Q: What do you mean by that?

A: Here’s an example. One time I started a new show at a restaurant. The bartender was telling her customers: “I hate karaoke. I hope we can go home early.”  We didn’t do well. The next week, they had a bartender who talked up karaoke and sang a couple songs. Sales were much better. If everyone is enthusiastic, it will make a big difference!


Q: What about ASCAP and BMI?

A: They expect you to “become a member” if you have any form of music in your bar other than a licensed jukebox. Karaoke, a band, a piano, a stereo, radio or TV. They usually find you, especially if you advertise in the newspaper, on the radio, entertainment websites, etc.


Q: Do I need an entertainment license?

A: The rules are different in every city. Because of the peaceful nature of karaoke, I seldom hear of anyone having much problem obtaining one in localities where it is required.


Q: How do we get started?

A: Please call me. I would love to come by, talk to you, show you our song books, discuss KJ  availability and prices. You don’t have to feel obligated. It will be pleasant and informative for both of us.


Q: Are you going to ask us to sign a contract?

A: No. None of us have ever had a problem with a club or restaurant not paying. Maybe it’s because we always do a professional job. There are no misunderstandings that way. You have to wonder why others need a contract to do business.










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