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DREAM KARAOKE: DJs, MCs, Sound, Lights

Serving Orange County and Inland Empire California


    I am a lifelong disc-jockey. I also supply sound and lighting equipment to a small, select group of other DJs. When a customer contacts them or me, we collaborate. No job is too small and most venues would not be too large. Together we have done both disc-jockey and karaoke shows at an uncountable number of events in the local (I.E. & O.C.) area. An amazing variety of them too. Every type of gathering you can imagine. Being a good MC is often part of the job. Sometimes we are asked to emcee events where DJ music is not even part of the function. I am only willing to be associated with very reliable people.


Disc Jockeys



    You need a DJ who will play the music you and your guests want to hear. I won't send one who is not a good fit. I have been an avid music collector since I was ten. I still listen to the radio stations that play the latest pop, rock and country. Then I buy the new songs that are danceable. One of our DJs still has more hip-hop and rap than I do, so I give those jobs to him.  If get a call for a sweet 16 party, I have a nice young lady who has all the latest. I know she will be popular with the kids. Although I have a pretty fair collection of Latin music, I have a DJ who understands Spanish well and has even more of the music. The most important thing to me is pleasing customers. I want to find a great match for you and your event.


 Fun Karaoke


   Often the most successful parties feature both singing and dancing. If there are lots of singers in your group, karaoke alone is all you need. Karaoke shows are not the same. You will only be disappointed if you hire someone who doesn’t have what everyone wants to sing. Our karaoke division does shows in karaoke bars nightly. We know what people want to sing. You won’t find a better selection anywhere. We even have latest hits on the radio. If your guests include younger people, I wouldn't recommend calling anyone else. Most DJs equipped by me would be willing to add karaoke to your event for little or no extra charge.


Sound and lights


    Various sizes and types of sound systems are available for small to large events. I always ask potential customers enough about their gathering to determine their needs. If you are planning dancing, I’ll recommend a system with bass cabinets (boom boom) and some fun lighting. For a karaoke party, I’ll send a KJ with one of the same vocal systems we use at the area karaoke bars. You will have a show that sounds great!


Experience & history



    My disc-jockey background began in junior high school when I got my first job "spinning the hits" at the school dances. After graduation from high school and broadcasting school, I worked as a radio disc-jockey for several years, until I got a taste of the night life. Because I love working with people, I became a full time, seven night a week dance club DJ working at various discos. In 1989 I got a chance to host karaoke for the first time and still enjoy it. In 1992 I bought a complete karaoke system to add to my DJ business. My affiliated entertainers and I have now done thousands of disc-jockey shows. Weddings, reunions, corporate parties and countless other events.